Yoga and Food


3 Yoga Breaks to 3 of the world's best culinary destinations

If there are two places in the World that I would say offer my favorite foods it has to be India and Italy and if I need a runner-up then Turkey is certainly it.

Italian and Indian food both represent the best in almost entirely different ways.

Contrary to the stereotype of Italians (particularly men) as being handsome, stylish, egomaniacs, Italian food seems to offer an almost ego-less dedication to what tastes best. They are happy to stick with just three or four simple ingredients where simplicity brings the best result.

The first time I visited Rome I was amazed by the layered history you can see in the architecture, disliked the Colosseum, was awed by the ancient temples, managed to completely miss The Vatican and fell in love with the food.

Fresh ingredients seem to be a big part of what makes Italian cooking so successful. Is it in the Sun, the rain the soil the farming techniques?

India does almost the opposite blending multifarious spices and ingredients to make finally blended flavors that offer harmony combined with tasteful forays into particular flavour signatures, like a beautiful landscape of rolling hills with the odd mountain or river to add definition to tranquility.

Maybe it's a reflection on the infinitely diverse Indian culture that has a multiplicity of beliefs, cultural practices and lifestyles all living cheek by jowl sometimes with little no personal space, combined with an ancient philosophy that has the individual being absorbed into a blissful whole, that allows the Indians to create such masterpieces of cooking.

Being a Yoga practitioner I have to confess to a certain bias towards all things Indian and a par-chant for the fresh and simple. Turkey caters very well for my other leaning in my romance with food and that of vegetarianism.

Although all the countries I have mentioned have a brilliant repertoire in cooking delicious fish dishes they also cater fantastically well for the vegetarian pallet, none more so than Turkey!

Stuffed vine leaves, stuffed vegetables Dolma , delicious wholesome soups like Ezogelin and we cannot forget the world super-star Humus (from the Arabic for "chickpea"). If you start me on Turkish food I literally will not stop all this plus Turkish food also includes one of my favorite food ideas ever that of the Mezze!!

Yoga Explorers are running Yoga breaks to all three destinations ItalyTurkey and India in the upcoming months.

jo thornhill