“Quite simply brilliant. Better than good wine.” Dr Alice Eldridge

“Jim is the most genuine, light-heart and profound teacher I've ever had the pleasure to meet. He somehow talks directly to your muscle tissue, calling your whole Self into focus when you're not looking. And he manages to be brilliantly funny in the process.”


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jo thornhilljim tarran

Jonelle beautifully embodies her own motto ‘Be brave, be fierce, be free’.

Jonelle’s classes are edgy and fun and full of life. They are also filled with heart and soul. Jonelle moves us to “accept ourselves as we are in this moment, as we peel back layers to get in touch with our true divine selves.” She does this beautifully.

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A natural communicator and warrior for truth Naomi is an inspiring teacher.

Naomi is an exceptional teacher. Her dynamic and original classes emphasise a natural fluidity of movement without compromising on alignment. Within her expert guidance and encouragement the power of yoga as a tool for liberation is revealed.

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Khadine's beautiful teaching is calming and focused with attention to the breath. 

With nearly two decades of teaching experience, continued self-study and a deep embodiment of the core principles of yoga, Khadine teaches straight from the heart with clarity, humility and warmth, supporting students to use the tools of authentic yoga for modern life.

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Sarah’s motto “Stillness in Motion” perfectly encapsulates her teaching. 

Sarah’s teaching offers precise, alignment-based sequences which are anatomically focused and accessible for beginners to seasoned practitioners. At the heart of her teaching is self-exploration, humour and the space to turn the auto-pilot off!

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jo thornhillsarah williams

Matt teaches a mindful approach to vinyasa yoga with warmth, humour and compassion.

Matt teaches a slow-flowing style of vinyasa yoga with a friendly down-to-earth approach. His classes are challenging, explorative and fun, encouraging students to cultivate a deep connection to body and breath and a greater sense of present moment awareness.

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jo thornhillmatt gill

Practical and light-hearted, Lisa’s expertise and wisdom are second to none.  

Lisa is a gem of a teacher. Avoiding complicated terminology, she uses practical tools to lead you directly to the heart of yoga - a strong and steady integration of physical and emotional awareness, as well as somatic and cognitive flexibility.

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jo thornhilllisa jones

Laura teaches ashtanga-style yoga in a way that is soft and supporting.

Drawing on a wealth of knowledge, her tailored approach allows students to move at their own pace, building strength and stamina at a speed that each individual is comfortable with. In Laura's classes, yoga is always a pleasure and never a chore.

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jo thornhilllaura grace