Naomi Absalom yoga teacher

'Be brave enough to stop doing the things that don't make you happy. Today.’

Ben Harrison is a London-based yoga teacher delivering anatomically focused and scientifically backed western styled yoga with a friendly, upbeat delivery. With a background in competitive gymnastics, mixed martial arts and ultra-marathons, in recent years Ben has landed firmly on the yoga mat.

His love of Iyengar, Yin and gymnastics helps Ben teach his students a detailed, alignment focused class. Ben’s classes are very practically led; he will often reference white paper research and case studies to support his teaching and deepen his students’ knowledge and understanding.

Ben’s classes don’t offer chanting or overt spirituality, but you can be sure to develop core strength and bodily understanding. His delivery is approachable and personable, creating easy to follow, yet challenging sequences that are inclusive for all levels and there are options and opportunities within Ben’s classes for everyone to have their own subjective perfect practice.

In studios across London Ben teaches various different types of yoga, including hatha, hot yoga, vinyasa flow yoga & yoga for weight lifters. Ben’s athletic background and questioning and analytical personality make his classes unorthodox yet responsible, effective and scientifically progressive.

“I just wanted to pass on how utterly brilliant I thought Ben’s class was. His attitude, energy and skill were phenomenal and it was such a brilliant class it felt like 5 mins had passed. I felt challenged, energised and calm. Hang on to him, he’s great!” Angela

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