Christina teaches a mindful, breath-centred, slow and fluid form of flow yoga. “I believe that by moving slowly and steadily we engage more of our senses and physicality which helps draw the mind inwards to a state of balance and connection.’’ Known for her warm and inclusive style, her retreats are a delicious dive into a deeper awareness. Classes build gradually, giving students time to find ease in their practice. Movement sequences are creative and thoughtful, often interwoven with moments of stillness and breathwork to create a journey of awareness.

‘’My classes and retreats are designed to help everyone find their yoga. Creative sequencing and a variety of well-placed practices makes the yoga I teach challenging but also restorative. My aim is to help students find more grace, strength and interconnection, so that they can come closer to a place of peace within themselves”.

Never forgetting why she first came to yoga (a high pressure job in the television industry led her there) Christina sees yoga as a therapeutic tool and teaches yin and restorative as a complement to the more physically strengthening practices. She also loves to teach Yoga Nidra; this deep form of guided meditation is proven to help with stress and trauma as well as set the mind free - allowing it access to brainwaves that enhance creativity and allowing the body to relax into a deep healing state.

Having worked extensively in creative industries, and believing that human-kind is in desperate need of new ways of thinking, Christina has a deep interest in how we can access more of our creative selves through yoga practice. This subject was the focus for her advanced teacher training and she has gone on to teach workshops and away-days to corporate creative clients in the media industry, using yoga to help them fire up their creative juices and think in new ways, with fantastic results.

Christina is an advanced level (500hr) yoga teacher and teaches popular classes in London and Brighton.

“Christina is a gem among yoga practitioners - and uses a solid traditional understanding and practise - yet is intuitive and powerful - and is modern in her approach.

She presents classes with a creativity and over arching purpose that integrates the time of year, appropriate music and movement and above all an accessible and practical way forward for beginners (like me) as well as more advanced yogis.

She communicates a very beautiful calmness as she leads her classes, which makes for a great session. Thank you CC for opening a new world of possibilities.” JL Reed