Khadine Morcom yoga teacher

Emma balances dynamic and challenging styles with soft and restorative teaching.

With a background in dance and Capoeira, Emma has had a passionate dedication to yoga for more than 15 years teaching and has infused her yoga with the joy and poetry of physical movement. She uses this passion to create dynamic and flowing sequences, which she guides her students through gracefully, joining the movements with breath and creating a feeling of lightness, ease and deep relaxation. 

“I found Emma’s teaching holistic, precise, and just outright wonderful! She is an incredibly warm, present, attentive and skilful space holder. The balance of dynamic vinyasa, yin and nidra practices made the retreat so incredibly grounding, nurturing and fulfilling.”

Emma initially turned to yoga to help a shoulder injury and was greatly inspired by the healing transformation that took place in her body as her yoga practice deepened. Her love of yoga took her to India where she trained to teach Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow, a combination of the traditional Ashtanga practice and a more contemporary Flow style.

Her teaching fuses elements of Rocket and Mandala styles, and she often mixes this dynamic practice with Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra to balance the often physically challenging Yang style of Vinyasa. She uses breathwork, intention and philosophy to deeply relax and calm the nervous system, encouraging students to let go of the narratives in the mind and to drop into true Being. 

Her classes encourage awareness energetically, physically and spiritually. Emma creates a positive, nurturing environment for students to learn, experiment and transform through their yoga practice. Emma’s classes empower and inspire students to rediscover their own sacred space which they can return home to again and again.


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