Jonelle Lewis yoga teacher

Jonelle beautifully embodies her own motto ‘Be brave, be fierce, be free’.

Jonelle’s classes are edgy and fun and full of life. They are also filled with heart and soul. Jonelle moves us to “accept ourselves as we are in this moment, as we peel back layers to get in touch with our true divine selves.” She does this beautifully.

Originally from Philadelphia, and having lived in DC and NYC and now London, Jonelle brings an international vibration and a universality into her classes which are lively and abundant with laughter. Having discovered the healing and liberating power of yoga for herself during a tough period in her own life she eloquently and practically guides others to the same realisation.

Using a handpicked tailored-made soundtrack to support her classes Jonelle draws upon the body’s innate fluidity and creativity to enable integration of body mind and spirit. You may well find yourself having an on the mat boogie on your way to personal empowerment.

As well as worldwide retreats Jonelle teaches regular classes at popular studios across Central and South London where she now lives. She enjoys teaching all age groups and experience levels and firmly believes that ‘Yoga is for EVERYBODY’.

She's RYT 500 yoga teacher certified in Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hot, Mandala, Qi Gong, Rocket and Yin yoga, with a further 300 plus hours of intensive training under her belt.

You can experience Jonelle’s wonderful teaching on Movement For Modern Life and see a montage of classes from her last Morocco retreat here.

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