Matt teaches a mindful approach to vinyasa yoga with warmth, compassion and humour.

Matt teaches a slow-flowing style of vinyasa yoga with a friendly down-to-earth approach. His classes are challenging, explorative, introspective and fun in equal measure, encouraging students to cultivate a deep connection to body and breath and a greater sense of present moment awareness.

Matt's explanations of poses have helped me get much more from my practice - rather than focusing on what I can't do, which I've often done in the past, now I celebrate the body I have and what it can do. Every practice is different: Matt has taught me to embrace that rather than judge or criticise it.

Matt is an outstanding teacher who first stumbled across yoga on a trip to India and has been hooked ever since.  He teaches an explorative, introspective (and sometimes challenging!) slow-flowing style of vinyasa yoga.

“It was the physicality of the practice and the flow of movement that initially drew me to yoga, but I soon found that yoga and meditation brought greater balance and awareness into my life. I now feel incredibly lucky to help others discover the benefits of yoga and mindfulness for themselves.

Ashtanga yoga was my first love, but as my practice evolved I found myself moving away from formalised systems of yoga to a more curious, fluid and explorative approach. I've also found a lot of benefit in slowing things down – moving slowly not only helps us to build physical strength, it also allows us to cultivate a deeper mental connection to our practice. By encouraging students to move through their practice with attention and awareness, my intention is to help them cultivate a deep relationship with their bodies and breath...which in turn develops the quality of presence or mindfulness.”

Matt is a lover of all forms of physical movement. He enjoys exploring a number of other disciplines such as Tai Chi, Qigong and Capoeira and often brings influence from these practices into his yoga classes. He’s also a qualified Mindfulness Trainer. Teaching at a number of London’s top yoga studios, including Triyoga, The Shala and Level Six, Matt is known for his caring and warm-hearted approach to teaching and his ability to combine strong flowing sequences with mindful enquiry.

View a short sample of Matt’s popular London arm balance workshops here.

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