Lisa Jones yoga teacher

Pragmatic, wise and highly experienced, Lisa is a truly exceptional teacher.

Lisa is quite simply one of the best teachers we have ever encountered. With 25 years of experience teaching yoga and bodywork, Lisa delivers an empirical down-to-earth instruction underpinned by her own impressive insight garnered from decades of personal study and practice.

Avoiding flowery discourse in favour of relatable instruction, she uses practical tools to lead you directly to the heart of yoga - a strong and steady integration of physical and emotional awareness. With a clear focus on functional movement patterns, Lisa understands what it takes for the body to operate at its optimum level and brings awareness to the micro adjustments we can make to give rise to profoundly healthy benefits.

Classes with Lisa are unhurried, considered, and progressive, building over the course of the retreat a graceful, sophisticated movement sequences that will bring about lasting positive change in your body and mind. She has a pragmatic and objective delivery that shines a welcome light on practises and concepts that can sometimes seem obscure.

In her own words, Lisa’s classes are “breath-led, fluid, explorative and playful. Moving slowly and mindfully to develop inner awareness and outward stability, the body grows stronger, healthier and more pliable whilst the mind becomes more peaceful and still. A shift from a state of tension to a state of relaxation is a very powerful catalyst for integration and change.”

Lisa’s introduction to yoga came when she was still a young child as her father was a dedicated yoga practitioner. In the early 1990s when Lisa moved to Manchester she developing a regular practice, as she found that it supported her body, mind, and health, throughout her career as a professional dancer.

After years of studying different forms of yoga, including Iyengar, Hatha, yin, and meditation, Lisa qualified as a teacher with Simon Low at The Yoga Academy in 2006 and has been teaching full time since then.

Sample Lisa’s fabulous shoulder workshop on the rooftop shala of her Morocco retreat last year here and here, and experience a few minutes of one of her wonderful classes.

Upcoming retreats with Lisa Jones

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