Laura Grace yoga teacher

Laura teaches non-traditional ashtanga yoga in a way that is soft and supporting.

After nearly 11 years of practice Laura Grace left the Ashtanga Vinyasa 'label' of practicing yoga. Still following the method and sequence but as set out by her inner teacher and not an external one. After injuring herself by trying to force a method that did not work for her body, after being hurt by adjustments that worked against her body and not with it, after giving her authority away one too many times..... she left. Quietly and contently. She went her own way......

She realised that she can practice and follow what she believe in. She realised it was her practice and no-one else's. When she understood that she knew her body and what was going on with it better than any other teacher, when she reclaimed her yoga practice exactly as it was.... she finally realised that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet...

Laura Grace is now a certified non-traditional, non-dogmatic, non rule orientated leader of her own yoga... and she teaches people to do the same. To BE their own teacher.

Laura's teaching is based on the Ashtanga system but is softer and gentler, and encourages using your own intuition and a big dose of self-respect to ensure that injury is avoided and that your practice becomes a sustainable one that will take you happily into your latter years.

She encourages moving at your own pace and building strength and stamina at a speed that each individual is comfortable with. She believes strongly that is a personal practice and one that has to be tailored to fit each person.

For Laura, Yoga is a pleasure and not a chore... Always. She lives, works and plays at ecoYoga, Scotland.

Upcoming retreats with Laura Grace

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