Laura Grace yoga teacher

Laura teaches non-traditional ashtanga yoga in a way that is soft and supporting.

Laura was a traditional Ashtanga yogi until injury and repetitive strain caused her to stop and ask ‘Why am I really doing this?’ Looking deeply into the research element that has been lost in the current Ashtanga method, she began to re-examine how we move and the intention behind it.

Laura's teaching is based on the Ashtanga system but is softer and gentler, and encourages using your own intuition and a big dose of self-respect to ensure that injury is avoided and that your practice becomes a sustainable one that will take you happily into your latter years.

Laura’s Ashtanga journey began in 2008 having practiced Yoga on and off since the age of 14. She travelled to India to practice in the homeland in 2010 and spent four months of hard graft at Ashtanga Auroville with Monica Marinoni. Going from there to Sri Lanka to practice with Kathy Cooper and on to Europe to complete her Teacher Training at Ashtanga Yoga Paris with the inspiring Gerald Disse and Linda Munro. She then landed in the beautiful rolling Devonshire hills in the UK and continued her training with the knowledgeable and wise John Evans, who she highly values as one of her main teachers.

Maui called her and she went to train for 3 months with Nancy Gilgoff immersing herself in the second series and attentively learning from one of the most senior teachers in the lineage. Nancy was the first western woman to learn the Ashtanga practice and was responsible for bringing it back to the west. Laura has since studied in depth with Nancy and continues to seek her knowledge and wisdom, so that she can teach in a way that respects and follows the traditional Ashtanga Yoga Practice, as it was. 

After a neck injury and a bout of illness Laura sought Nancy's advice and wisdom on how to really harness the healing power of this system. Using modifications and slightly altered methods to heal the body. She is deeply in tune with what your body needs and when... matching the practice to what is going on with your mind, body and spirit at any time.

Meeting David Keil was of great benefit to Laura and came at a time when she was interested and inquiring into bodily patterns that lead to pain and injury and how by understanding these patterns we can reduce or minimise pain inflicted on the body due to the 'way' it is being practiced - not from the practice itself.

Laura then landed at ecoYoga, where she now lives, works and plays.

Laura teaches in a way that is soft and supporting, moving at your own pace and building strength and stamina at a speed that each individual is comfortable with. She believes strongly that is a personal practice and one that has to be tailored to fit each person.

For Laura, Yoga is a pleasure and not a chore... Always.

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