Khadine Morcom yoga teacher

Khadine's beautiful teaching is calming and focused with attention to the breath. 

With nearly two decades of teaching experience, continued self-study and a deep embodiment of the core principles of yoga, Khadine teaches straight from the heart with clarity, humility and warmth, supporting students to use the tools of authentic yoga for modern life.

She has been practising yoga for over 20 years, teaching for 15 years and teacher training for 5 years.  She lives her practice, and there is no-one more qualified or able to guide you towards finding your own heart-centre. Her teaching benefits beginners and teacher trainees alike.

First discovering yoga through an introduction during a meditation course, Khadine knew immediately that this was something she would be doing for the rest of her life. As the years of her personal practice went on Khadine increasingly wanted to share these tools that were making her feel clearer, happier, calmer and more embodied with others.

Now a Yoga Alliance Professionals senior teacher and a senior Vajrasati teacher and teacher trainer, as well as a writer for Yoga Magazine UK, Khadine has more than fulfilled that promise.

Her teaching style is calming and focused with particular attention given to breath awareness and cultivation and recognition of energy and inner states of being. Her classes incorporate practical yoga philosophy in ways that never feel vague or idealistic but instead are clear, relevant and useful. Khadine’s classes include instruction in the practices of pranayama (breathing practices), dhyana (meditation) and mantra (chanting) as tools for integration (yoga).

As well as traditional yogic texts and traditions Khadine’s classes draw on and take inspiration from anything and everything from being a mother to being an environmentalist or just simply being a being in the world!

For a taste of Khadine’s fabulous teaching visit her Soundcloud and enjoy a gorgeous selection of Nidra, meditations and pranayama instruction.

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