Naomi Absalom yoga teacher

A natural communicator and warrior for truth Naomi is an inspiring teacher.

Naomi is an exceptional teacher. Her dynamic and original classes emphasise a natural fluidity of movement without compromising on alignment. Within her expert guidance and encouragement the power of yoga as a tool for liberation is revealed.

"Although the techniques have changed, my overall aim has remained the same over 13 years of teaching – to create a safe and nurturing dynamic where each individual is able to plug into the presenting current of energy.

These days I find myself less interested in the shape of asana, more intrigued by awareness and how creativity within movement - the instinctive and evolutionary processes of the body - can lead us to a better understanding of ourselves.

When I teach I draw upon a diverse background of movement practices - a never ending list of influences. There is always a strong focus on the energy body and the nervous system as I believe we have no idea just how powerful we are and yet I'm determined to try and find out."

A self confessed music geek with a sense of mischief and a touch of punk rock attitude, Naomi is nonetheless one of the most serious and caring yogis we’ve known. She’s as devoted to the journey and wellbeing of her students as she is to her gorgeous 8 year old boy Gabrielle. Her unique and pertinent interpretation of the ancient teachings of yoga have gained her a dedicated following of students and teachers alike.

Naomi currently teaches busy group classes at some of London’s top studios including triyoga, Indaba Yoga and Union Station Yoga. She is well known for her passionate delivery and ability to hold space for all those present regardless of perceived ability.

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