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Luis’s classes go beyond asana, bringing traditional aspects of yoga into a modern context.

Luis is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti yoga teacher. His soulful classes are a flowing and precise vinyasa, with challenging, yet fun sequences. Always focusing on breath and alignment, classes may include Sanskrit chanting and hands-on assists, are supported by music, and always end with deep relaxation.

Luis is a generous and versatile teacher who works effectively with both beginners and advanced practitioners. His busy group classes at some of London’s top studios including triyoga and The Life Centre, as well as at events, retreats and festivals, are always very popular.

Luis started practicing yoga in 2007 whilst at drama school, as a way to support his body through movement and dance training. However, it was the effect on the mind that really drew him to the practice. Yoga has supported Luis on so many levels that he feels a responsibility to share and it was this, which initially inspired and continues to inspire him to teach. His training in many forms of dance, physical theatre, voice, speech and singing informs his teaching.

“Luis is totally wonderful. His teaching is the perfect balance of strong a physical challenge and deeply meditative, always getting to my heart and soul and leaving me clear, light and with a whole new perspective. It’s a joy just to be in the same room as Luis.”

Created by Sharon Gannon and David Life in New York in 1984. Jivamukti is an internationally recognised form of Hatha yoga and is founded on five tenants; ahimsa (non-harming), bhakti (devotion), dhyana (meditation), nada (sound) and shastra (scripture). The intended purpose of Jivamukti yoga is to provide a practitioner with a path towards enlightenment. Jivamukti yoga intertwines a holistic approach to living into every class, encouraging compassion for all living beings as a means of achieving grace.

Luis is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti yoga teacher. Having trained with Sharon Gannon and David Life, the founders of the method in New York, he later went on to receive his Advanced Certification in Munich with Ruth Lauer-Manenti.

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