Leave digital distractions behind and reconnect with the world of nature

Imagine a yoga retreat that is literally floating on a pristine freshwater lake, surrounded by magnificent limestone cliff formations in one of the last primary rainforests existing on Earth. This is it. Truly one of the most special places on our planet, a nature lover's paradise.

Visit the jungle from the safety of the lake

Our retreat is situated is one of the most beautiful places on our planet. Khao Sok is visually similar to Halong Bay in Vietnam or Guilin in China with the pristine waters fringed by majestic limestone formations rising up to 950m high from primary rainforest more ancient and richly biodiverse than the Amazon. 

Stunning scenery surrounds our floating home which is tethered to the shore by a series of ropes, enabling us to stay deep in the jungle, safe and secure in our bungalows amongst the rich beauty of unbridled nature. 

Bamboo and wooden bungalows interconnected by floating walkways

A high standard of simplicity is the order of the day here, getting back to a simple natural rhythm of life with just the right amount of comfort. Each bungalow is simply furnished— wooden bed frame, good mattress, bedding, pillows, and mosquito netting (if requested) and towel. All guests are offered their own bungalow. You have a choice of ensuite or shared bathroom facilities. All bungalows offer awesome cliff and lake views and a place on the front deck for a hammock nap or just chilling out and soaking up your environment.

Here we proudly offer no wifi or cellular services. That's right, none. There are very few places where you can isolate yourself from the insistent pull of the digital world. Here, we invite you to slow down, leave your stress behind, and enjoy this incredible place for what it is…  

Traditional Thai Massage with fabulous therapists...

Joining us at the retreat are our traditional Thai masseuses to help you relax, rejuvenate and re-energise. 

Yoga space and equipment

The beautiful floating sala has a wooden floor and folding glass panelled doors that open on all 4 sides to creates a large open airy room with incredible views.  A great environment to create or deepen a personal practice. The retreat provides yoga mats, bolsters, roll up mats, cushions and belts. Unlike some yoga studios, we have no walls.

Delicious Thai food and fish fresh from the lake...

You will enjoy amazing Thai food featuring freshwater lake fish and rainforest grown vegetables. Beer, fresh coconuts and sodas are available for sale.  Drinking water, fresh pressed coffee, black tea, and herbal teas are all included in your package.

Swim, Kayak, trek and spot the wildlife...

Swim in the fresh clear waters of the lake. Jump in or dive straight from the front of your bungalow anytime. What better way to start the day. 

Travel the lake sanctuary on your own or with a friend with the easy-to-use kayaks. There are enough for all to share. Hike in the jungle with the world-renown jungle/wildlife lover Khundick.

This is a wonderful spot for wildlife lovers. Exceptional flora and fauna and NO MOSSIES! Living in the vicinity are: Hornbills; Gibbon—the smallest of the ape family; it’s lovely to hear them sing in the mornings as the mist rises; Monkeys—4 different types: long-tailed macaques, stumped tail (pig-tailed) macaques, dusky and spectacled langurs; Tapir and Malayan sun bears—exciting to spot them in the wild; Elephants—not easy to find, but their tracks are plentiful and recently we had a fabulous sighting of a whole family. They come to the lake on a seasonal basis to drink, swim and scratch their bellies on the shores of the lake; Eagles, Osprey, Oriental hobby, White-headed fish Eagle, Buffy fish Owl, Sultan Tit Bulbul, a huge variety of Kingfishers, White Egrets, Heron, Jungle Fowl, Coucals, Plaintive Cuckoo and many types of Woodpeckers... and many more; and my personal favourite - Otters.

Many of these birds and animals are endangered and they know it…that’s why it is difficult to find them. Bring your binoculars.

Trains, Planes and Automobiles…

Our retreat venue is CONVENIENTLY LOCATED IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Because of this, group transportation from the airport to the lake venue and return is included in your retreat price. If you have other travel plans, make sure you arrive in time for group transport pick up at Surat Thani airport.  Surat Thani (URT) is a 1-hour flight from Bangkok International Airport (BKK). 

From Surat Thani airport we will drive 90-minutes to the National park where each person must sign in and pay 300 baht per person for permission to enter the park. Please keep your ticket stub.

From the pier at Rachapraba dam, we have an awe-inspiring 45-minute boat ride across a phenomenal lake to get to our location. 

As there is no phone signal or WIFI at the venue please ensure you have organised where you will go after here before you arrive.

Maximum retreat capacity

There are 30 spaces available at this destination, but numbers will vary.

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